Kunchacko and Tovino urge people in new government campaign to fight crown by staying home

Actors Kunchacko Boban Tovino , Asif Ali, Suraj Venjaramoodu and Antony Varghese They have lent their voices to a government campaign that urges people to stay indoors and break the chain in the fight against the crown.

“We have given up our usual travels, games and get togethers. It is probably difficult for many of us to stay indoors, but please do, because if we venture out, the police could get us or if we get infected by coronavirus, we could pass it on to our loved ones, ”said Antony Varghese.

Asif Ali spoke about quarantining after returning from a shooting in Rajasthan, while Suraj asked the women to ensure that the men in their homes remain indoors.