Prime Minister quotes Vajpayee's poem, reminds people to light diyas

NEW DELHI: Undeterred by opposition parties questioning his call to light diyas or candles at 9pm Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday he shared videos and messages, including one of the former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee reciting his poem Aao Phir Se Diya Jalaye, on social media platforms to inspire people to participate in the event.

In his short video message to the nation, Modi had urged people to go out on their balconies and doors and turn on lamps, diya, torches, or mobile flashlights for nine minutes at 9 p.m. Sunday to show that the country is united in your fight against the coronavirus.

Modi also shared videos from spiritual gurus like Morari Bapu, who also urged people to participate in the event.

Although opposition parties have questioned the measure with the congressional official Shashi Tharoor Saying he is inspired by Hindu astrology, several prominent people supported the Prime Minister's call. Modi's call to people to applaud for 5 minutes at 5 p.m. on March 22 in support of the Crown Warriors had received an overwhelming response.

“India is united in the defeat of Covid-19. This unit will demonstrate tomorrow night, the prime minister tweeted, sharing an outstanding filmmaker. Shekhar Kapoor Message from

Supporting the Prime Minister's call, Kapoor had tweeted: I don't know anyone else, but I'm definitely going to light a Diya on Sunday at 9 p.m. for 9 minutes. He said: To stand in solidarity with the people of India, honor our Prime Minister @narendramodi, pray for courage and strength right now as we do in Diwali to guide the truth to our hearts.

Lyricist, Bollywood actress Ravina Tandon and several other celebrities extended their support for the Prime Minister's call.

Sharing Amul Milk's announcement with the message about Sunday's event, Modi tweeted: These 9 minutes, at 9 PM on 5, will bring our nation closer and strengthen the battle against Covid-19.