COVID-19: PCB says no to cricket during the holy month of Ramadan

LAHORE: The Pakistan Cricket Board on Saturday he said because of the prevalence COVID-19 pandemic, will not issue NOC for any Cricket during the holy month of Ramadan .

the printed circuit board in a statement said: "We have been approached by some organisers, seeking clarification on the printed circuit board 's NOC policy for Ramadan Cricket . At this time it is appropriate we follow our overarching policy which states that organised Cricket in Pakistan will remain suspended until normalcy returns to society. In this background, the printed circuit board will not issue any NOCs for Ramadan Cricket .

"These are unprecedented, tough and challenging times for the world as all economic and sporting activities have come to a standstill with sole focus being on health and safety of the people. the printed circuit board strongly urges organisers and Cricket ers to religiously follow all precautionary measures, including remaining indoors, maintaining social distancing and avoiding gatherings.

" the printed circuit board takes the welfare and wellbeing of its staff and Cricket ers very seriously. It has around 220 professional Cricket ers on its payroll apart from its staffers. the printed circuit board will ensure that full player salaries continue to be honoured until at least the end of the 2019-2020 financial year. Furthermore, we have put in place systems to ensure that monthly salaries are paid on time and without delay.

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" the printed circuit board is monitoring the situation in the country closely as it evolves and will amend its policy when appropriate."