Armed forces further expand medical facilities, dedicate 19 hospitals exclusively for Covid-19 patients

NEW DELHI: By further increasing medical facilities as part of their large general mobilization to tackle the pandemic, the military has dedicated 19 hospitals exclusively for civilian and military Covid-19 patients in different parts of the country.

These 19 dedicated hospitals, with 4,182 general beds, 192 intensive care unit beds (ICU), and 393 high dependency unit beds (HDU), join the other 31 military hospitals already assigned with separate wards and barracks to treat Covid -19 patients.

All of these 50 hospitals, with more than 10,000 beds, are present in different areas of the country to help civil administrations treat and control the spread of the coronavirus, a senior official said Saturday.

Dedicated hospitals are located in Ahmedabad, Belgaum, Golconda, Jhansi, Jodhpur, Nasirabad, Saugor, Panagarh, Shillong, Patiala, Palampur, Pune, and Lucknow. The collective capacity of these 13 hospitals is more than 3,000 beds with another 370 beds in ICU and HDU units, said army spokesman Colonel Aman Anand.

The dedicated IAF and Navy hospitals, in turn, are in Bangalore, Hindon, Kalaikunda, Karwar, Chilka and Visakhapatnam. The other 31 military hospitals have established separate facilities to treat Covid-19 cases, while continuing to treat other patients as before.

The armed forces are also testing Covid-19 at five major hospitals, including the Apex Army Hospital (Research and Referral) in Delhi and Pune, as part of the national network established for testing in the country. Six more military hospitals are being equipped with the resources to begin testing for Covid-19, another officer said.

Overall, the military has launched a major mobilization to combat the spread of the coronavirus in the country, in addition to medical facilities, while continuing to maintain its operational readiness along the borders with China and Pakistan.

The IAF, for example, has transported more than 60 tons of medical supplies, including medications, personal protective equipment, hand sanitizers, surgical gloves, and thermal scanners, to different parts of the country.

The armed forces were, of course, the first to establish quarantine facilities for Indian citizens who were evacuated from China, Japan, Italy, I ran and Malaysia

The six quarantine facilities established in Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Chennai, Hindon and Mumbai, with 15 others on standby, have handled more than 1,800 people so far.

Greater military mobilization:

-Army, Navy & IAF first to set up quarantine facilities for India ns being evacuated from China, Japan, Italy, I ran & Malaysia

-Execution of 6 quarantine facilities in Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Chennai, Manesar, Hindon and Mumbai. 15 others stay ready

-19 military hospitals dedicated exclusively to Covid-19 patients, in addition to the 31 hospitals previously assigned to them with separate barracks

-Covid-19 tests being carried out in 5 military hospitals, with 6 more preparing for them

-IAF has airlifted more than 60 tons of medical supplies. Keep 28 planes and 21 helicopters on active standby

-IAF deployed C-17 Globemaster-III aircraft to China & I ran to evacuate India n nationals & ferry medical supplies

-C-130J aircraft transported 6.2 tons of essential drugs and hospital consumables to Maldives

-Navy keeps 6 warships on standby for assistance to neighboring countries

-Military medical teams were kept ready for deployment in the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Afghanistan.

-DRDO has supplied more than 1.5 lakh liters of disinfectants to different organizations

-DRDO manufactures N99 five-layer nano technology face masks and PPE (personal protective equipment) on war footing

-Artillery factories have increased the production of disinfectants, masks and body suits, while BEL is manufacturing fans

-The Ministry of Defense has mobilized 25,000 volunteer cadets from the NCC's main division and thousands of former military personnel to help state administrations.