#LifeInTheLockdown: 21 days is enough to break a habit and develop a new one: Ranjini Haridas

I am in the company of my cub, Buddy, in my apartment in Kundannoor while my mother and brother are in our house in Kadavanthra. When the closure was announced, I decided that I was not going to sit idle at home. So I'm trying a lot of new things. Being someone who loves living alone is no stranger to me and I did it about 15 years ago, when I was in the UK.

It is often said that 21 days is enough to break habits and develop new ones. I hated cooking before, but now, as a necessity, I like it and have made prawn curries, fried beans, kovakka, noodle soup, masala dosa and more! Sometimes things have been burned too (laughs). I have even uploaded some of his videos on my YouTube channel to motivate me. While my brother Sreepriyan used to edit and rate my videos before and helped me with my vlog, now I try to do it all by myself since my network connection is poor. I also learned the basics of video editing and other technical aspects involved.

Sometimes I play indoors with the kids from my apartment neighborhood, in addition to washing my own clothes and cleaning the apartment. I am also working with the help of my gym trainer, through a video call.

Seeing people who don't observe social distancing and spreading misinformation about wearing masks upsets me. I also hope that people understand that there is no need to buy panic as there will be enough supplies available in stores. The authorities urge us to remain inside for the first time forced by this never-before-seen situation and if we follow simple measures, we can beat the coronavirus. Let's make sure of social distancing and disinfection, and use this period as a time for myself, which we yearn for during our busy lives.