Delhi government to issue transit pass for stranded foreign nationals in closure

NEW DELHI: The Delhi government has decided to issue for foreign citizens who have been stranded in different parts of the city due to the government announced closure and who wish to return to their home countries.

Following the closure, the Ministry of Internal Affairs was notified that several foreign citizens are stranded in different parts of the country. Some foreign countries have approached the central government for the evacuation of their nationals. Transit passes will also be issued by the district administration, also for travel of foreign persons who have been returned in quarantine and who have completed their mandatory period under quarantine.

In accordance with the standard operating procedure prepared by the Delhi government, after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs approves evacuation requests from foreign countries, the district magistrates of the area where the foreigners are staying will issue a transit pass for the vehicles deployed for movement. The local transportation agreement from the place of stay to the point of embarkation would be organized by the local embassy/consulate of the respective foreign government. The chartered flight would be arranged by the foreign government in question.

Before their departure, foreign citizens would be evaluated according to the standard health protocol. Only asymptomatic foreign citizens from Covid-19 will be allowed to exit. For symptomatic individuals, future treatment will be followed according to standard health protocol, ordered the government issued by Chief Secretary Vijay Dev as president. State Executive Committee declared.

The order also provides for the travel of people who have returned from foreign places after February 15, 2020 and completed the specified mandatory quarantine period and had to return home from quarantine facilities after being negative for Covid- 19. However, no person from any group will be released if even one person tests positive for Covid– 19.

The transport agreement must be made by the person himself and the corresponding transit through a fixed route with specific validity for said person will be issued by the corresponding DM. Said person will remain under house quarantine for a period of 14 days according to the standard protocol on the matter. The details of said person will be shared with their respective state government or union territory for the necessary follow-up, said a government report.

Of the 3,593 people in quarantine, 374 people have completed the quarantine period, 219 have tested negative at Covid - 19 of whom 102 have been discharged from institutional quarantine. A total of 101 transit passes have been issued for this purpose.