UP: 377 die crossing train tracks in 2019, 8% jump from last year

AGRA: A total of 377 people lost their lives after being hit by a train while trying to cross the train tracks last year, according to data from 12 police stations of the Agra Government's Railway Police Division (GRP) revealed. This translates to an average of at least one death per day that is recorded on the slopes. This is an increase of over 8% from 2018, when 348 people died in such incidents.

Additionally, 127 passengers in 2019 died trying to board or lower moving trains. In 2018, 133 of those deaths were reported. The number was especially high in 2014 when 853 passengers had lost their lives after falling from running trains.

According to the latest data, in 2019, Aligarh Junction reported the maximum number of deaths of those trying to cross the train tracks at 103, followed by 69, at 50, Farrukhabad Junction at 47, Firozabad at 42, Agra Cantt at 24, Tundla Junction at age 17, Agra Fort and Hathras City at 10 each, while Kasganj Junction reported four deaths and Mainpuri junction one. Etah Junction was the only exception and did not register a single victim.

This year, however, the data available from January to March showed that Mathura Junction and Etawah Junction had reported the highest number of deaths so far with 16 deaths each. This was followed by Aligarh Junction (9), Firozabad (8), Farrukhabad (6), and Agra Fort, Kasganj, and Tundla in three each. Agra Cantt reported two deaths, while Mainpuri, Etah and the city of Hathras reported no deaths.

In 2017, 306 deaths of this type were reported, while the number was 304 in 2016, 377 in 2015 and 383 in 2014.

In most cases, the identity of the victims could not be determined and they were cremated by the GRP. Ajit Singh, general manager of public relations for the North Central Railroad, said: All the casualties were due to personal negligence and not the fault of the railways.

Among the deaths that occurred due to the boarding or disembarking of moving trains in 2019, Etawah reported the highest deaths with 45 deaths, followed by Aligarh (35), Mathura (16), Firozabad (10), Farrukhabad (8), Tundla (5), Agra Cantt (5), Agra Fort (2) and Mainpuri (1). No victims were reported in Hathras, Etah and Kasganj.

Between January and March 2020, Mathura reported four of those deaths, while Aligarh, Firozabad, Etawah, and Mainpuri reported two deaths each, and Agra Cantt, Kasganj, and Farrukhabad reported one death each.