Productive activities to undertake in times of social distancing.

Social distancing, at this time, is the most important consideration that can help control this outbreak, as suggested by government authority and medical professionals. While this might be the ideal, it could be in contradiction with our current lifestyle and therefore be very difficult to achieve. Many people are not sure what to do with the large amount of free time with which they are suddenly criticized. What activities can they do indoors if they are not allowed to go outside? How do they make this time worthwhile for both themselves and their children?

Here are some activities that parents and children can do together to make good use of their time and energy when everyone is in quarantine.

1. Challenge yourself to learn an instrument!

Musical instruments can be learned anywhere, anytime; all you need is a proper music tutor. Now, in times like this, technology can play an important role in online training. The Internet allows access to knowledge and skills with a few clicks. You can find the ideal music teacher for your instrument, skill level, genre, and more. In music learning portals, you can search for your ideal music teacher and start training with video calls.

2. Binge watches some documentaries or movies. There are so many out there!

There is a whole ocean of options that deserve your time and attention. You can log into any of the streaming apps and you'll find lots and lots of documentaries. Netflix, Discovery Channel, History Channel, YouTube, Curiosity app are some of the best places where you can find exciting documentaries. You can also start a podcast program or an audible story. It's a sure way to have double the fun!

3. Read the books you always wanted

We know that you have been adding books to your reading list for quite some time. Now is the time to really start reading them one by one. While you're at it, why don't you give quick reading a try? Be ambitious and challenge yourself and the children to complete a book in a day or a week, however you want. We would have shared a list of books for you to read, but we left you that option!

4. Do it yourself!

What sounds more fun than doing some fun DIY activities with your child? Just grab some of the craft materials available to you and start a fun crafting session. You can tune into the infamous Art Attack or MAD Stuff with Rob available on YouTube or any other art channel. Oh yes, you could also undertake some science project where children can learn while having fun.

There are many other things to do besides this list. With the Internet and technology, the world is open from the comfort of your home. Make the most of this period of social isolation and rekindle the bond within your family with some fun activities. While having fun at home, remember to stay clean and maintain a certain physical distance to ensure maximum safety for your family.

By Dharini Upadhyaya CO Founder and CO-CEO Furtados School of Music