No channel was ready to broadcast Saans: Kanwaljeet Singh

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Actor Kanwaljeet Singh is known for his roles in serials' Buniyaad ',' Saans', ' Farmaan ', among others, apart from films like' Raazi 'and' Satte Pe Satta '. The actor was in Lucknow some time ago and shared some memories of his memorable shows and how he had joined the Army, but he eventually became an actor.

An actor by chance

I never wanted to be an actor. Pata nahin kaise acting mein aa main gaya. I went to National Defense Academy , I was part of course 41 at NDA. I gave my SSB in Dehradun. And then I joined the Merchant Navy. But then fate played its part and I got into acting.

Kanwaljeet in a still from  Farmaan  (BCCL) Kanwaljeet in a still from 'Farmaan' (BCCL)

Kanwaljeet in a still from  Satte Pe Satta  (BCCL) Kanwaljeet in a still from 'Satte Pe Satta' (BCCL)


Maine hamesha yahi koshish kari ki main koi aisa character karun, bhale hello woh negative ho jo log appreciate karein. So even though in 'Saans' my character was very negative, it was appreciated. Because deep in my head I always had my family in mind. Even when I go with the modern woman, I always come to Neena Gupta and my children on the show. I remember that the series had had such an impact that I once went to a club and there were some of my friends there and they told me that I was doing a wonderful job on the show. Then once I met Sanjay Khan's daughter at the gym and she was excited about the show. I was surprised that she was watching 'Saans'. But that's how popular that series had become. I also remember that at that time I had become the uncle Agony of the men who would come to me with their afflictions of lovers, partners, and wives. Ab mein unko kaise samjhata ki meri bhi situation aisi hello hai. I would say ki bhai main bhi acting kar raha hoon, mujhe bhi iska solution kuchh maloom nahi hai. It was also a very difficult time for me professionally. In the sense that I was also doing ' Daraar 'Simultaneously in which I was playing a paralyzed man. So I used to be afraid to go to the shoot because it used to be so difficult. Aur yahan do aurtein merely peechhe padi hain (laughs). So I had actually gone into a depression, but luckily I got 'Yeh Meri Family', which was a comedy show and it really changed my life.

Kanwaljeet in a still from Saans and (right) with the cast of the show during their reunion recently(BCCL) Kanwaljeet in a still from 'Saans' and (right) with the cast of the show during their recent meeting (BCCL)


Another interesting thing related to 'Saans' is that for over a year, no channel was ready to play that sho. No one was prepared to issue it saying that you hit Nahi Hoga. And it became one of the most remembered shows on Indian television.


I also had a small role in 'Raazi'. So when Bosky called me to do it, I said why not! Later she must have said Gulzar Sahib on me, so he called one day. Ab maine phone uthaya aur ek jaani-pehchaani awaaz ne udhar se ball ‘Hello’! Toh mujhe laga ki yeh awaaz thodi pehchaani hui hai aur jab tak mein sochoon, tab tak udhar se uss awaaz ne kaha ‘principal Gulzar bol raha hoon’. Ab main bilkul sakte mein aa gaya ki ekdum se Gulzar saheb ne phone kar diya, maine kuchh galat toh nahi kar diya? Toh maine unse kaha, ki son ‘sir, aise ekdum se phone nahi kiya kariye, dil ghabra jaata hai aap jaise logon ka phone sunn ke’. Toh que hanse aur bole ‘tumne jo bitiya ke liye kiya hai, principal uska shuriya ada karna chaahta hoon. And then he sent me a copy of his translation of Tagore, which is the most precious gift to me.