Relief measures announced to date do not provide aid to travel and tourism industry, say industry bodies

NEW DELHI: In a virtual meeting with senior officials from the tourism ministry on Saturday, representatives of various tourism associations and industry bodies said that the relief measures announced by the government so far have failed to address the survival crises that the Indian tourism, travel and hospitality businesses are facing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Industry agencies that interacted with the Secretary of Tourism and DG, among others, included the 10 Presidents of the Member Associations of the Federation of Indian Tourism and Hospitality Associations (FE), the Presidents and Vice Presidents of the tourism subcommittees of, FICCI , PHDCCI and the Mobile Internet Association.

In its meeting with industry agencies, the government acknowledged that the travel and tourism industry was among the worst affected and that plans were underway to prioritize aid measures as needed, soon. Tripathi also thanked the tourism industry for its proactive partnership with the government for sharing information and recommendations that were critical to the presentations made to the finance ministry, especially since the tourism industry is highly disorganized and lacking in data.

One of the common conclusions of Saturday's meeting was that there is likely to be a lot of momentum in promoting national tourism in the coming months. The ministry also said it is using its social media to raise awareness of the need to stay home during the shutdown and prepare to travel once the world opens.