TikTok star Faisal Shaikh shares a video on Instagram; asks fans not to believe the false accusations made against him

TikTok star Faisal Shaikh, also known as Mr. Faisu, who enjoys a large following on the platform, recently made the headlines after a written complaint was filed alleging that the digital influencer has not been taking 21 days. emergency shutdown seriously and his videos are causing people to go out. However, Faisal has now shared a video on his Instagram account clarifying that all the reports that are circulating in the media and the accusations made against him are false.

He also stated in the video that a lawyer Ali Kashif, who is known to have a dubious reputation has been defaming him in the media on false allegations of not following a emergency shutdown .

In the video, Faisal is seen giving an explanation of making the two videos which are currently in the news. He said in the video that he has no intention of not following the emergency shutdown and in his video he has used hashtags like #gharbaithoIndia and #jantacurfew which indicates that like everyone else even he is with the government. He also explained the reason behind deleting the first video. He also added that the second video which is talked about is not a recent one, but it is an old video which they had shot in December 2019. Faisal also clarified that he has been making many videos which can create awareness and guide how to stay safe and fight against coronavirus .

Recently, Faisal aka Mr. Faisu had released a statement to clarify his stand, "As a responsible citizen, I have appealed to my audience on #socialdistancing #stayathome and # emergency shutdown through my videos on Tiktok and Instagram platforms. I continue to support the government’s initiatives to fight this pandemic. At an unprecedented time like this when the world is putting its efforts towards fighting the deadly Coronavirus, it is the need of the hour that we try to be the best version of ourselves, be more empathetic towards others and use our respective mediums to spread awareness, provide support or keep a light atmosphere. In a bid to do the same, I posted a video with the hashtag #socialdistancing which was taken out of context by some people. When it was pointed out to me, I deleted the same immediately. However some people with dubious past and intentions are now spreading false news about me and while I feel it's best not to engage with them, I need to put the record straight for my fans. I will re-iterate that we should all follow the government's direction and stay at home and practice social distancing.”