#LockdownDiaries: Although we complain now, we can miss this silence: Nithya Menen

The shutdown came a bit unexpectedly, but I don't think we're in a terrible situation. None of us would have imagined that a pandemic would affect the world in our lives. Until now, it was literature and film material. So why can't this moment be considered a trigger for creativity? The first thing I noticed after closing was the stillness around him. It was very relaxing and encouraged me to write. I'm developing storyboards and story ideas that I've always thought of myself. It was difficult for me to get to that until now, because my work was taking my time. Right now, I love the openness of the situation. It is so beautiful and uncertain. It makes me feel free. I am learning a new language, new music and songs and also doing yoga every day. I am also catching up on my movie by watching and reading. I've seen some beautiful movies like Kumbalangi Nights, Alfonso CuarĂ³n Roma's Mexican movie, Asghar Farhad's Iranian adventure A Separation and Nadine Labaki's Lebanese movie Capernaum. And this seems like a good time to lose yourself in nostalgia between the pages of R K Narayan Malgudi's days.

I don't want to trivialize the situation, but I think that as long as we stay home, we are safe. We may lose some of the things we routinely saw before, but things are not so bad. When I see people posting on social media about how terrible the current situation is, I want to tell them that you shouldn't push yourself in the name of empathy and say that the situation is horrible. I think the world has seen worse things than the blockade.

And remember, as soon as you get up, we will return to our routine, mechanical way of life; we may even lose this. And thanks to the fact that we are locked up, many creatures, plants, and organisms can finally breathe freely.

Many of us are getting the free time we always long for. If the disease doesn't affect you directly, I think you should feel blessed and be positive. We can use this time to slow down, stay inside, look at ourselves, and get in touch with our emotions. Hug this time. You can get something beautiful out of it.