Singapore reports Covid-19's sixth death, total cases reach 1,114

SINGAPORE: Singapore on Saturday reported his sixth death of the novel as confirmed cases increased to 1,114, the health ministry said, a day after the prime minister Lee Hsien Loong announced home learning for school-age children and the closure of most to curb the spread of the deadly disease.

The latest fatality from the virus was an 88-year-old Singapore permanent resident who had a history of terminal illness.

The man was diagnosed with Covid-19 on March 29 and was admitted to the National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID) the next day.

He had been in the intensive care unit since March 30, but developed serious complications and died Saturday, the ministry said.

This is the fourth death from Covid-19 reported in Singapore in a week.

The ministry said the total number of infections in the country reached 1,114.

Lee, during a live televised speech to 5.6 million Singapore ans on Friday, said that he was worried that unless "we take further steps, things will gradually get worse or another big cluster may push things over the edge".

We have decided that instead of gradually tightening up in the coming weeks, we should make a decisive move now to prevent the rise in infections, he said.

Most workplaces, with the exception of essential services and key economic sectors, will be closed.

Food establishments, markets and supermarkets, clinics, hospitals, utilities, transportation and key banking services will remain open.