Yash and Roohi see SRK in Karan Johar's closet; only to find out it's not who they think

The series of toodles of Karan Johar with his children he has a new episode. And the last video shared by the filmmaker on his Instagram is full of a lot of suspense and drama, like Karan's son Yash and daughter Ruhi claim detect Shahrukh Khan in her dad's dressing room.

As funny as it sounds, Yash and Ruhi actually thought they spotted King Khang in his father's closet. The children ran to the closet, followed by KJo , and they pointed at a portrait beside the wall. While son Yash said that’s Shahrukh Khan in the portrait, Ruhi calls the man in the picture daddy. To this Karan says, Shahrukh Khan and dadda are one in heart and spirit but this is not Shahrukh Khan.

And he was right, it is not. It is actually a portrait of the English singer Mike Jagger , whom the kids mistakenly took as Shahrukh Khan.

Sharing the video of this mistaken identity, Karan Johar wrote - “Apparently we had a superstar spotting in my closet! Do watch! I also got a firing! #lockdownwiththejohars #toodles. ”

Now, while the kids almost thought they had found SRK in the closet, Arjun Kapoor I also saw something: a guitar. Therefore, he commented: The nation wants to know why you have a guitar ... that's all. And since it was a gift from someone, Karan replied: courtesy of Azeem!