India 2 actress to help 200 families

In these times of trouble, everyone is doing their bit to overcome the crown. emergency shutdown crisis. Celebrities have also been doing their part by helping with cash donations or providing food to those in need. Actress Rakul Preet is all set to help 200 families living at a slum near her house in Gurgaon. Her family, we hear, will prepare food for the poor and distribute it. We believe the family will be helping them until the emergency shutdown is lifted, however long it gets prolonged.

Rakul had stated that this is the time to give back to society during an emergency. He added that this was the perfect time to express your gratitude for all the privileges one has.

On the front of the film, Rakul will be part of India 2 along with Kamal Haasan and Ayalaan in front of Sivakarthikeyan. Rakul was last seen in NGK in front of Suriya.