Salim Merchant: Music creation has its share of anxiety and stress, and many have been victims

Of course music It is a stressor for everyone, but very few people are aware of the challenges artists face in creating their masterpieces. Research has suggested that people working in the creative fields are three times more likely to experience mental health problems than any common man.

On the eve of World Health Day #IPRSCreativeShala has organised an invigorating session on ‘How to cope up with anxiety and creative block?’ This session, with ace music composer Salim merchant I would highlight the stress, anxiety and depression related issues creators go through during their creative journey, the reasons behind it and the ways to overcome it. The live session on April 6 at 7pm will see the director, writer, lyricist and actor. Mayur Puri in talks with Salim, where they will be sharing their real life experience and learnings to help music enthusiasts and budding creators from different creative fields to cope with the challenges related to creation and mental wellbeing.

Commenting on the initiative, singer, music director, score composer, Salim merchant , an IPRS member, said, “Whenever we talk about health, physical activities come to our mind. But it’s our mind which plays the major role. Our mind gives us the required perseverance and strength to overcome the gruelling task. The mind which determines our well-being has its biggest enemy in the form of ‘stress’. We turn to music for solace and relief from stress. Music

Talking about this briefing Rakesh Nigam , CEO, IPRS said, "Music is the best medicine and the most effective stress buster, more so during challenging times like these. At IPRS, all our efforts are aimed towards providing the best possible support to our members, empowering them to be better creators. And #IPRSCreativeShala has been conceived to support that cause. We are cognizant of the apprehensions the creative minds of the music industry are going through during this unprecedented crisis. Hence, on the eve of the World Health Day , the session of IPRS CreativeShala will emphasize on the challenges faced by a creator and the ways to cope with issues like stress, anxiety and creative block in their creative journey. Through this interactive session hosted by industry stalwarts, we aim to reach and help many in the industry, who must be feeling dull at this moment. We are positive that this session will help not just music ians by all those associated with any form of creative work, to set aside the challenges and evolve as a more confident creator.”