Bengaluru youths storm Instagram and TikTok with global coffee trend

BENGALURU: If you are tempted to join the youth brigade that posts photos of a frothy mixture of coffee on a glass of milk and ice, you are not alone. It is the latest fad on social media.

Lately, everyone on social media platforms seems to be getting on the bandwagon for this special type of sparkling coffee. The trend, which started with a South Korean YouTube channel, has to date 96.6k posts on Instagram and 96.7k views on TikTok. Although it became popular worldwide in December, Indians began trying it out after closing.

To get that correct frothy cup, one must whip two tablespoons of sugar, coffee powder, and hot milk, until the dark liquid turns into a light, foamy, cloud-like mixture. It makes for a great photo shoot when the mix is ​​added to a glass filled with ice and milk.

But it's not just the pretty pictures that make people try it; some also find the preparation process calming. Namrata Kumar, a 19-year-old student, says she stumbled upon the Dalgona Coffee video on TikTok. “Since the blockade began, my anxieties were high. Watching Dalgona Coffee videos is fun and relaxing. I also tried by hand and have mastered the technique, says Namrata.

Bengalureans have also given beer a twist. For example, Deborah Paul, a special autism educator in the city, says she doesn't always taste as good as seen in the images. It tastes great when it's aggressively mixed until the foam and milk come together, she says.

Some are testing it as part of the #DalgonaCoffeeChallenge. For many, recipes like this help them not to think about the pandemic. But there are many who say that this recipe is not new to Indians. Asiya Rehman, a tech expert, says it's just a westernized version of the local smoothie. The difference is that we add hot milk to the foam. Some of these trends are just our old Indian recipes with a western twist, she says.

Snigdha Chaturvedi, a tweet based in the city, shared a photo of Dalgona coffee with an ode to her grandmother's recipe: Dalgona coffee is just the inverted version of the 'phiti hui' (smoothie) coffee that desi houses have been doing for years.

There are also jokes about how people taste Dalgona coffee as if it were a cure for coronavirus, while some call it disguised doll costume. Atul Khatri, a popular standup comedian, tweeted a disclaimer: The WHO has specified that Dalgona coffee does not cure coronavirus.