Covid-19 crash: Autorickshaw drivers seek government relief

THANE: Autorickshaw drivers in the city of Thane, who have lost their daily earnings due to the closure of Covid-19, asked the Prime Minister for help.

The leader and the city of BJP presented a memorandum to the Prime Minister, in which he noted that while various categories of workers benefit from government schemes, autorickshaw drivers are excluded.

Autorickshaw drivers have a hard time making a living during the shutdown as they have almost no passengers to transport due to the curfew, he said.

The prime minister has taken a serious note of the matter and has asked the state transport ministry to find a solution, Pawar added.

Meanwhile, the shutdown has severely hit tribal workers in the Jawhar and Mokhada areas as they have not received their wages.

Founder of Shramajavi Sanghatana, Vivek Pandit wrote to the Chief Minister about the plight of tribal workers in the area, who have not been paid for the work they had done before the closure was imposed.

He also noted that people who want to donate the essentials to tribes are unable to do so due to the shortage of food grains on the market.

Seeking immediate intervention, Pandit said Thackeray should instruct district administration to investigate the matter.