I felt like I wasn't going to run: Virat Kohli reveals the lowest point of his career

NEW DELHI: Patron of India Virat Kohli He has said that the 2014 series of tests against England was the lowest point of his career. He made the revelation during a candid Instagram Live session with the former England hitter. Kevin Pietersen .

To date, the 2014 Test Series in England remains one of the worst test series for Kohli as he averaged just 13.40 in 10 innings with his highest score of 39.

I felt like a hitter, you know you're going to be out in the morning as soon as you wake up. That was the moment when I felt that there is no chance that I would run away. And still getting out of bed and just dressing up for the game and getting out and going through it, knowing you will fail, was something that swallowed me, Kohli told Pietersen.

However, just four years later, Kohli made a triumphant return to England by scoring a century in the 2018 Series Opening Test and finished as the best runner in the series.

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Kohli told Pietersen that the 2014 performance occurred because he was only thinking about his own batting.

The 2014 series happened, for all the younger guys listening, because I was too focused on getting it right from a personal point of view. I wanted to run. You could never think about what the team wants you to do in this situation, Kohli said.

I fell too much in love with the tour of England. If I act here, try Cricket In my opinion, I'm going to feel established and all that garbage on the outside, which is not important at all, he added.

During the chat, Kohli talked about his favourite format in Cricket and he also revealed the main reason for turning into a vegan.