Dada Sourav Ganguly urges everyone to #estaysafestaysome; says Social distancing is the new unit

Dadagiri show host and BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has urged citizens to follow precautionary measures during the shutdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Praising the Prime Minister's efforts Narendra Modi and the prime minister Mamata Banerjee Dada has urged everyone to respect orders to stay safe during the outbreak. Sourav also appreciated the efforts of the police and the health department during the shutdown.

In a video message, addressing his fans, Sourav said: Remember that social estrangement is the new unity and, most importantly, the struggle Coronavirus It is our national duty. Yes, it is a difficult time throughout the world, in India and in several states of our country. Yes, it is important that we stand up. The prime minister tries, the prime minister tries, the health department tries. The police have done an exceptional job ... but it is up to us to respect their orders and it is up to us to stay safe, stay healthy, and most importantly, stay indoors.

In addition, he asked everyone to act responsibly during the current situation. He said: Remember that if we are together, if we are responsible, we will fight this coronavirus.

Here's a video:

Given the current situation as exceptional, Dada has recalled how the virus has shown its fury around the world.

Sourav has also extended his helping hand to those in need who have been affected during the confinement.