Riddhi's long post after Prime Minister's call for solidarity will make you think twice

Like all of us Riddhi Sen It is also stuck at home. The young actor who recently made a life on social media to spread awareness to fight mortals coronavirus and trying his luck in the kitchen among the housework has raised his voice again after the prime minister Narendra Modi He urged all Indians to turn off their lights and lit diya, torches, candles, or moving lights on April 5 to display their solidarity .

In a long post on social media, Riddhi questions why there were no proposals of solidarity during Delhi riots.

Hum Akele nahin hain

The most hopeful news today! We have finally found a way to beat COVID-19 . All the candles and mobile phone torches will eradicate the virus within nine minutes . Yes , we are not lonely , this is the best way to make the nation feel that we aren’t lonely , the words of the PM , the action of the government is not ‘enough’ to give us this feeling , a first time pandemic is not enough to make us realise that we are not lonely , the failure of all religions couldn’t make us realise that we aren’t lonely , human beings all over the world going through the same situation for the first time , forgetting all the differences , status , class , race and gender is not enough to make us realise that we are not lonely . But strangely , out of 133 crores how will almost 1.7 million homeless people afford this luxury of lighting up candles when their hunger is burning everyday . How will these people switch off their lights when they don’t have a home to stay . How interesting , how come such proposals of showing solidarity never came after the horrifying Delhi riots or when for days Kashmir was living in darkness . But nevermind , let’s light up all what we have , the burning hunger of many will give a beautiful drone shot of India on the 5th of April. Let us all follow this because Brutus is an honourable man !!!!! (sic)” wrote the national award winning actor.