Jennifer Aniston surprises the coronavirus positive nurse with a $ 10G gift card

American actor Jennifer Aniston used his star power on Thursday to brighten the day of a coronavirus Frontline worker, who tested positive for the virus.

According to Fox News, the 51-year-old star appeared as a surprise guest on ' Jimmy Kimmel Live!' show, in order to surprise a Utah cardiovascular nurse, that she contracted the new virus.

Kimmel welcomed the nurse, called Kimball fairbanks , to the program through a live video chat. The nurse, who is the mother of two children, said she started feeling sick a few days after working a shift at her hospital last week.

Fairbanks said: I felt like I had been hit by a train. But I think I have really mild symptoms. I feel like I have a cold combined with the flu. It feels quite manageable, so that's a good thing.

Kimmel informed Fairbanks that she had a surprise planned to cheer her up ... Seconds later, Aniston appeared on the screen from her home.

The 'Murder Mystery' actor said: Hi, honey, it is nice to meet you. I just have to say God bless all of you who are out there doing what you are doing. I just don't. I don't even know how to express my gratitude to everything they are doing, putting their health and all that at risk. They are phenomenal.

To which Kimball replied, who was in shock with a wide smile on his face and his hand on his chest, Wow, it is a pleasure to meet you. I really appreciate that.

Aniston asked Fairbanks how he was feeling. To which she replied: I woke up today and decided that I'm not going to be sick anymore.

Fairbanks explained that due to her positive test result, she was suspended from work at the hospital. Now she is in quarantine and cannot be near her family, including her 4 and 18 month old daughters, for two weeks.

Kimmel, the host of the show, asked how she had been able to prepare food for her and the nurse said that she had primarily ordered the delivery.

Aniston said to the nurse, who burst out laughing, Oh that's good because you know what? You will receive a $ 10,000 gift certificate from Postmates.

To which Kimmel added that each of the nurses on the Fairbanks floor will also receive Postmates gift cards.

Jennifer also informed Kimmel of what is happening inside her Los Angeles home and revealed that she had not left the house in three weeks.

The 'We are the Millers' star shared that the most challenging thing is watching the news and trying to digest everything that is happening there. She said: I allow a registration in the morning, and then I will make a registration at night, and that's it because it's basically regurgitating the exact same thing.

Aniston added that doing dishes has become her favorite thing in the world because she kills two birds with one stone. (AND ME)