Lockdown heroes: children open piggy banks, donate small savings

AHMEDABAD: Inspector D R Gohil was surprised to see Ishita Sharma, 6, enter his office at the Vatva GIDC police station with his piggy bank, saying he wants to donate the money to fight the coronavirus.

Gohil said the girl said she had wanted to buy a cycle and had saved the money for that, but now she wants to give the police over to help poor people.

When I asked him how he would buy a cycle, he would start saving money to buy the cycle later, but helping the poor is important, Gohil said.

Gohil said he told Ishita that the government does not need the money now, but that it will call her when she needs it. “I told her that for the moment she should buy the cycle with the money and when we need money for the poor we will call her. She left happy, said Gohil.

Children in Gujarat are emptying and donating their small savings to help fight the coronavirus, crisis and provide relief to people affected by the blockade.

They have teamed up with celebrities and business tycoons to donate to the PM-CARES Fund and also to help direct aid measures for the poor.

While a four-year-old girl from the city of Ankleshwar in Bharuch donated Rs 11,200 to the PM-CARES Fund, three boys from Ahmedabad entered a police station to give away their combined savings of Rs 5,500 to feed the migrant workers, whose lives have been been overturned by the blockade.

Four-year-old Paris Vyas won the hearts of millions when he told the media that he was donating everything he had in his pocket to fight the crisis and help the poor.

It turned out that her elegant piggy bank had coins and bills worth Rs 11,200.

“I am donating what I have kept in my piggy bank. I saw on television that many famous people are giving money to fight the coronavirus.

“If they can do it, I can also give my money. I am giving away all my savings. Everyone should donate money to help the government fight the coronavirus, he said.

Two days ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's nonnarnarian mother Hiraba, who lives in Gandhinagar, donated Rs 25,000 of her savings to the PM-CARES Fund.

Inspired by his gesture, a family in Gandhinagar decided to donate Rs 1 lakh to the fund after his 13-year-old son, Rudra Patel, invited him.

“I have decided not to celebrate my birthday this time. At my request, my parents decided to donate Rs 1 lakh to the PM-CARES Fund, ”Rudra told a news channel, proudly holding up the check.