Confinement problems: the elderly walk 5 km to collect the pension from the post office in Karnataka

BENGALURU: Defying the scorching sun, about 70 years from the Kanmanike village, outside Bangalore, he walked 4-5 km to reach the Kumbalgodu post office on Friday morning. They had received information that their pension would be disbursed. With no transportation service available due to the, the elderly were forced to leave on foot.

Usually the post office delivers the money to their homes. This time, they were asked to pick it up on their own. The sum - Rs 600-Rs 1,000 - is too valuable for them. With the lock, there are no jobs or money. Fortunately, they got two months' pension at once, said Prakash, a member of the gram panchayat.

The pensioners who walked were between 60 and 70 years old. Those who were lucky had their relatives drop them off at the post office. “On the way, I saw around 25 others. Everyone would become expectant when they heard the sound of a vehicle, hoping they could ask for a ride. It was a sad sight, ”said Shivakumar BN, who took his sister Kamalamma, 58, to the post office on his bicycle.

An elderly woman reportedly got into an ambulance that was returning after leaving a discharged patient home.

The elderly walked without food or water. Some of them have medical conditions like diabetes and started the journey after taking medications. At 11 am, there were a lot of people at the post office. There was no social distancing, but people were so tired that they just sat where they could find some space, said Rahul Singh, a factory supervisor, who is in front of the post office and has been following the rumors outdoors.

At noon, the veterans returned to their villages, tired but relieved that they had some money to keep.