Photos: From the rooftops of Jalandhar, Dhauladhar in all its glory

JALANDHAR: Residents of Doaba, the region between Satluj and Beas, did not need any equipment to measure air quality on Friday and a rare show was enough for it. It was visible from the rooftops and in most of Doaba's cities, and it was not just the shiny snow-capped peaks, but the entire mountain range that was visible.

Previously, the range would be visible from Jalandhar and only if it rained and that the tops of the mountains. However, on Friday, a long and extended stretch of the range could be seen from the rooftops without much effort. To many, the range seemed to be just a few kilometers away. Even the lowest part of the mountainous mountains was also easily seen.

As word spread, people began to gather on the rooftops and click and share photos. “Nature heals itself very quickly. We saw two firsts in our lives today: one, seeing the Phagwara range; and two, the arrival of peacocks in the park outside our residence, ”said Phagwara-based businessman Pankaj Gautam, while sharing photos of the Dhauladhar range from his residence and peacocks in a park near his home.

Several other netizens also posted photos and videos of the range from their rooftops.