UP and MP invoke NSA for attacks and harassment of health workers

NEW DELHI: The Center on Friday expressed concern about misbehavior and attacks on the monitoring and treatment of patients with Covid-19. Calls on states to take tough measures against criminals. At least two states, Madhya Pradesh and UP, declared criminals under the Law.

The Center's instructions came after incidents were reported across the country of attacked doctors and health workers and quarantined members misbehaving with the nursing staff and preventing detection processes in Ghaziabad. Health Minister Harsh Vardhan urged patients and their families not to create obstacles. They are our crown warriors who are continually serving the nation to control and contain the Covid-19 pandemic, he said.

The Interior Ministry asked the states to handle these cases severely. States have been asked to take strict measures against those people and ensure the safety of health workers, said Punya Salila Srivastava, MHA's joint secretary.

In MP, four criminals identified in the stoning of doctors in Indore were indicted by the NSA after Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan warned that the missing administration would not be found. Late Friday, six other suspects were arrested, bringing the number of detainees to 13. Similarly, the UP government used the NSA against five members of Tablighi Jamaat after a superintendent of the hospital in Ghaziabad complained to the police that they misbehaved with the nursing staff and made obscene gestures

The health ministry is particularly concerned about the safety of health workers following reports from states such as UP, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar and West Bengal, where cases of misconduct and violence have emerged against workers in health.

In Indore, Munger (Bihar) and Bengaluru, people attacked health workers when the latter visited towns to collect samples from people suspected of contracting. In West Bengal, there were clashes between police and locals in some places when the latter prevented collecting samples for Covid-19.

Locals attacked a Solapur man after informing the gram sevak about seven locals attending the Tablighi meeting and also insisted that they be tested for coronavirus.

In Tirupally, in the Adilabad district of Telangana, a man was arrested and accused of assaulting the Aasha workers when they went looking for details of his brother who was in quarantine after he returned from the Tablighi meeting in Delhi.

Doctors at various hospitals in Delhi expressed concern about Tablighi members who impede their work and threaten to infect them. “We are afraid to carry out our tasks. The government must take concrete measures to guarantee our safety, said a resident doctor at Delhi LNJP Hospital.

In Ghaziabad, Tablighi Jamaat members in a quarantine center misbehaved with the nursing staff. The medical director said the defendant made lewd comments against the nurses, refused to take his medications and walked half-dressed around the room.

Yeh na kanoon ko manenge, na vyavastha ko manenge, yeh manavta ke dushman hain. Jo inhone mahila swasthya karmiyon ke saath kiya hai, who jaghanya apradh hai. In pair NSA lagaya ja raha hai. Hum inhen chodenge nahin (They do not follow the law or follow the rules. They are the enemies of humanity. What they did to the female staff is a heinous crime. We accuse them under the NSA. We will not forgive them.) said the prime minister on Friday.

The charges under the NSA would also be charged against anyone who uses violence against police or health personnel anywhere in the state, the CM said.

In Indore, four of the seven suspects arrested Thursday for attacking doctors during the examination have been registered under the NSA.

CM Chouhan said in a video statement: “They are not human beings. They are enemies of humanity. Attacking doctors and paramedical personnel, who are putting their own lives in danger to save others, will not be tolerated at any cost. Strict measures will be taken under the NSA.