'Bigg Boss 13' contestants tell you how to deal with the crash

Sidharth Shukla:

It is easy enough to lose your sanity these days. At this time, people can get bored and feel lazy, which is natural and understandable. But this is our opportunity to demonstrate our love not only for our loved ones, but also for our country by staying at home. At ' big boss ' house, the only thing that kept us going was that we were being entertained by each other. All inmates had certain strengths to keep others entertained inside the house. While in ' big boss ', we had no contact with the world, in the COVID-19 situation, you are staying in your house with your loved ones. There won’t be fights... here it’s a very different scenario and can be fun. Also, you are not being screened all the time! I feel it is easy to stay sane at home and also, this is our chance to be soldiers for mankind and not let the virus spread.

Rashami Desai:


Yes, we were locked up inside the ' big boss ' house, but this situation is extremely serious. Fortunately, people have a lot of options to keep themselves occupied, unlike the reality show. I would say that this is the right opportunity to work on yourself. We don’t get to spend time with ourselves when we are working, so use these days to pamper yourself. Catch up on your reading and practise yoga and meditation. Also, spend quality time with your family, which is something we miss out on in our busy lives. This phase is difficult, but we can sail through it by focusing on the positive aspects.

Vishal Aditya Singh:


In the ' big boss ' house, we didn’t know what was happening in the world outside. We couldn’t meet, see or talk to anyone, but that’s not the case with most of us in the real world. At some point, all of us have yearned for a time when we get to focus on ourselves and hone our skills. This is the time to do that. Also, pursue your hobbies and interests, which you couldn’t earlier, owing to lack of time. In my case, I am learning to play the guitar by attending online tutorials, reading poetry and watching documentaries. Look around and there are a lot of things to keep yourself occupied with.

Arti Singh:


At a time like this, having your blessings really helps. Celebrate what you have, including your family. The most important thing is to stay positive and keep reminding yourself that the closing period will soon end. Take advantage of this time to learn something new or enjoy your hobbies and interests. For example, I love to cook and I try a new recipe every day. The key is to stay busy and not let boredom settle.

Shefali Jariwala


Like the ' big boss ' house, where I followed a routine, my husband Parag (Tyagi) and I are following a daily schedule rather than giving in to boredom and laziness. Patience is the most important thing right now, the way it was in the ' big boss ' house, too. If we are patient, avoid going out and exercise well, we will be able to fight this situation. My husband and I exercise regularly, meditate, pursue our hobbies and keep away from unnecessary updates on social media.

For Chhabra:


It feels like ' big boss ' house was a training ground for the situation we are facing today. In the house, I loved to wake up to music and start dancing. It was a mini workout, which set the ball rolling for the day. Whenever you dance and exercise, you feel good. Secondly, in the big boss house, I learnt how to cook, clean and sweep the floor. I do all of it at home now, as there is no domestic help. The two situations — staying at home due to the lockdown and staying inside the ' big boss ' house — are similar, but not entirely. In ' big boss ', there were many contestants who we met for the first time and it took us a while to settle in. One tip I would like to give everyone is to occupy yourself with productive work. The lockdown has given us an opportunity to spend time with our family and meditate. People should use this opportunity to the fullest and stay indoors.