Lieutenant General C P Cariappa assumes command of the first attack corps based on Mathura

AGRA: Lt. Gen. Codanda Poovaiah Cariappa on Friday assumed the appointment of general officer in command of the elite first strike corps in Mathura.

He took the reins of the lieutenant general. Alumni of the National Defense Academy and Cariappa was commissioned on June 9, 1984 in the 4th Battalion of the.

Cariappa is an expert in operational art. The general officer has also had several coveted command, training and personnel orders. It has served in all types of terrain to include deserts, mountains, and plains that cover a broad spectrum of military operations that have given it an intellectual advantage in understanding the nuances of complex military operations, both at the operational and strategic levels.

General is also an alumnus of the Defense Services Staff College, Senior Command at the Army War College and NATO Defense College at the United States Army War College.

With a master's degree in philosophy in defense studies and management and in strategic studies, the general has led a mountain division and an infantry brigade, and also served as part of the United Nations peacekeeping force in Mozambique ( Africa) and Iraq - Kuwait.

Before taking command of the Elite Strike Corps 1, he was military secretary to the President of India in New Delhi.

Upon assuming command, he emphasized that his priority is to fight the covid-19 threat.