Why are we not taking the situation seriously, even after looking at global causes, asks Nabanita Malakar

Actress Nabanita Malakar is currently in Jalpaiguri throughout the country emergency shutdown . The actress opened her daily routine during the domestic quarantine, how much she misses her co-stars and why the current situation has left her devastated.

My family lives in Jalpaiguri. After quite some time, I spend quality time with my parents and my sister. I spend my free time watching the newsletter on television, listening to music and watching movies, ”he said.

The actress, who plays Devi Chandi in the mythical show Mangal Chandi, shared that she misses her co-stars. Shamik Chakraborty , Addri Addy Roy & Sreyasri Roy , who have become good friends. I really miss them. But we regularly talk on the video call. They have become an inevitable part of my life, he added.

Nabanita calls herself a responsible citizen who follows all the precautionary measures & doesn’t go out. She said, “Being a responsible citizen I don’t go out. Neither do I allow dad to go out until it is an emergency. We should have been alert by now, at least after seeing the grave situation in other countries like China & Italy. Unfortunately, we are still casual about the situation thinking it won’t affect us, despite seeing the worldwide causality!” Talking about the current situation, Nabanita went a bit upset. She shared personal experience when she had to go out due to a medical emergency.

“I am having back pain since past two days. I am unable to stand up or walk. I had to go out for the medical emergency. What I saw outside, left me shocked & saddened too. People are still roaming around the street, enjoying evening adda. The market is overcrowded & none is maintaining social distance. Despite knowing India’s population density where an outbreak can take a heavy toll, we are still careless!” she shared.

She took a pause & said, “There is nothing to panic but we should be serious about the situation, if not for ourselves then for our family. It isn’t a rocket science. If I get infected, my family members will be infected too. From my family members it will spread among the neighbours & the numbers will increase at a rapid rate. Why aren’t we realising it now!”

Nabanita shared how people who earn daily wages are getting affected a lot. She shared, “We still thinking about our convenience & going to buy sweets from the shops, just think about those who earn on a daily basis!”

The actress highlighted the need to maintain basic hygiene. She added: “Maintaining basic hygiene is essential, whatever happens. And now it has become extremely important, but we are too reluctant to follow that. I have a single question for those who are still taking the situation lightly, even after looking at the death toll, if now, when?