#Lockdowneffect: everyone will cook and soon they will be chefs

Are your social media timelines littered with posts from almost everyone's culinary endeavors? Not surprising, given that the emergency shutdown it is forcing people to prepare three square meals, with no cook to help. Also, food delivery apps are not optimal right now and there is a limit to relying on ready-to-cook/eat items considering you may not always be able to purchase them. The beauty of the Internet is that, even if you've never done anything other than toast and coffee, there are people who offer quick fixes. Ragini Dwivedi has been sharing quick, easy-to-make recipes that she gives her own spin to, for some time now. But she has picked up the pace during the emergency shutdown , with videos almost every day. Then there’s Shubra Aiyappa, Sharmiela Mandre or Akul Balaji, among others, whose publications are mainly about Cooking .

For engineering student Pragyesh R, the emergency shutdown has meant moving beyond two-minute noodles. “I am part of a group in which members discuss simple recipes that they have tried and tested. Even if you make something and it turns out bad, they have suggestions on how to salvage it,” he shares.

The past few days have connected theater practitioner Nimi Ravindran with her internal chef. “I made baked vegetables recently. They looked good but tasted awful. So the next day, I added tadka and masala to the same vegetables and made a curry. It looked bad, but it tasted good. At any other time, I would have thrown it away and ordered online, ”she says. Entrepreneur Christina Fernandez recently baked her first loaf of bread because she couldn’t find any at stores. “My son loves bread, so I decided to bake it myself. It took me 4.5 hours from start to finish, but the end result was great,” she shares. The emergency shutdown got food writer Monika Manchanda to also take out your baking gloves. I am baking regularly because everyone ran out of bread and the bakeries are closed, says Monika, who has also been sharing baking recipes that require only basic ingredients on her social media pages.