Situations are different, but the idea behind 'lights on' is to bring unity: Mohan Raja

In your last message to people, PM Narendra Modi He urged people to turn off the lights in their homes for 9 minutes at 9 p.m. on April 5, and show their unit by lighting torches, mobile lanterns, or lighting diyas and candles from their door or balconies, while maintaining social distance.

For Kollywood lovers, this idea has also brought a sense of déjà vu. Those who have seen the 2017 movie Velaikkaran starring Sivakarthikeyan Nayanthara and Fahadh Faasil will vividly remember the two sequences when the film's protagonist calls the people of Chennai to do the same: turn on the lights in their homes at midnight!

“None of us would have expected a situation like this, even in our wildest dreams. So let's not even compare this to the scenes in my movie because the problems are different, the director of the movie begins. Mohan Raja and adds: “Although the two situations are completely different, the idea is the same: to achieve unity between people. At a time when doctors and experts are working hard to find a solution to this coronavirus pandemic, the best we can do, as citizens, is to keep the peace and not panic. During any crisis, the only option we have is to stay together. And that is what our PM Modi asks us to do.

He continues: A single man cannot do magic or change things. When everyone gets together and shows even a small gesture, that will generate a lot of positivity. So I think our Prime Minister has asked us for solidarity.

He also credits the film's producer Raja and hero Sivakarthikeyan for encouraging him to go ahead with such a different concept for the climax and composer Anirudh for improving the sequence with a suitable score.