Aayush Shah: The best part about Mahabharat is that it is still relevant at all times and is timeless

Actor Aayush Shah , who has been featured in daily soaps like Uttaran and Navya, calls to become part of Siddharth Kumar Tewary Mahabharat ’(2013) a turning point in his career. I've had played the younger Ashwatthama in the mythological show, and now that it has returned to the tube (from March 30), he is reliving the good old days. Taking a walk down memory lane, he says, “The show holds a special place in my heart, as I got to explore a new genre with it. Hab Mahabharat ’is the first mythological show that I became a part of. Each day I spent on the set was a learning experience for me. My fondest memories are with Nissar Khanji, who played my father, Dronacharya. He helped me polish my skills and enhance my performance. The best part of our epic is that it stays relevant across eras and is timeless. It teaches us about how to become a better human being. ”

While he learned a lot from his co-actor on set, Aayush also prepared for the role well in advance. He shares: “I read various texts and books about the epic and did a lot of research online to put myself in the shoes of my character. I even watched BR Chopra's version of the show. I worked on myself not only physically, but also mentally. ”

Aayush agrees that mythological and historical entries are more difficult and more challenging than daily soaps. He says, “The biggest challenge is speaking chaste Hindi with accurate pronunciation. The mythological series have great responsibilities, since you portray characters that people have already read about or even seen in other programs. Another challenge is that the costumes are very heavy and the shoots are mainly done outdoors. For example, we used to shoot from early in the morning until sunset near a beach. These shows require more collective effort since the majority scenes present more than five actors and all of them must be synchronized ”.

“I am excited to see myself on the show again. I'm going to live those moments again and appreciate them ”, he signs.