Fit India to host live fitness sessions for citizens amid coronavirus blockade

NEW DELHI: The Government of india movement logo fitness - Fit India - will organize live sessions titled 'Fit India Active Days' starting from Saturday to ensure the people have access to the best health, fitness and wellness sessions during the lockdown in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Renowned health and fitness experts Mickey Mehta, Luke Coutinho , meditation coach Ronak Gajjar, nutritionist Heena Bhimani and many others will participate in these sessions.

The sessions will be live on Saturday at 9:30 am on Facebook and Instagram handles of the Sports Authority of India, Fit India, Goqii and Shilpa Shetty App.

Speaking of this initiative Kiren Rijiju , The Union's Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, said the initiative is a great opportunity for people to receive first-hand training and advice from these top-notch health and fitness experts.

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The first Live session of the series on April 4 is by Luke Coutinho, who will speak on the topic of four pillars of immunity and family fitness.

Speaking about his session, Luke said: Immunity is an issue ignored over the years. It is the intelligence of your body. What I will teach people tomorrow is how to increase their immunity: the food they eat, exercise, sleep, and deal with emotions and stress.

Meditation coach Ronak Gajjar said that through these sessions, people will realize the importance of mental health.

No one is talking about how to take care of the mind, how to stay alone. When we do these live sessions on meditation and different types of sound healing therapy, people will realize how important it is to take care of their mind. My session will have a combination of pranayama and yoga theory and practice, he said.

Speaking of the importance of the initiative, Bhumika Uniyal, who will give a session on Vinyasa Yoga, says, "This is a brilliant initiative by the Government of india and is the need of the hour. I am honoured to be associated with the Fit India Movement, to connect and practice with people across the country via the live session."