My next movie will be a period thriller drama: Karuna Kumar

director Karuna Kumar who rose to fame in Tollywood with the movie Palasa 1978 It has everything in place for your next flooring adventure. But with the emergency shutdown , a large part of the Telugu audience lost the opportunity to see the film in theaters.

The director has assured that movie buffs will be able to catch the film on a popular OTT streaming platform from Monday onwards. Talking about his upcoming projects, he has confirmed that he will begin shoots as soon as the emergency shutdown is lifted. Revealing further details, he said, “I have an open offer from Allu Arvind Garu direct under the Geetha Arts flag. It will be a period drama or a thriller. I'm also slated to direct an emotional thriller produced by Tammreddy Bharadwaja Garu The casting process for the film has yet to begin. We will share the news with the fans when we come to a decision. ”

He also revealed that he is using the time available now to focus on the scripts. I am in talks with three producers about various scripts that I am working on but everything has been put on hold now because of the pandemic. The scripts are of various genres and talks will resume once the emergency shutdown lifts. In the meantime, I am just focusing on brushing up my scripts ,” he said.