Take time for your body and your mental state: Priya Bapat

We all know that the movie actress Marathi Priya Bapat is a fitness addict and she's finding strength in fitness between emergency shutdown and the anguish caused by the pandemic. The actress has been regularly posting photos from her workouts to motivate others.

"Done with today’s workout. Guys, nobody said it would be easy, so don’t ever give up when it is hard. Take out time for your body and mind fitness . Don’t give an excuse of household work. You can do it. You are stronger than you think. #quarantinetime #homeworkout #meditation #thisshallpasstoo #stayhome #stayfit," she captioned one of her post workout pictures.

In another publication, he highlighted the importance of physical and mental well-being in this time of crisis.

She wrote: It is very important in these difficult times to maintain your physique and mental health . Exercise and meditation help me do that. Although I am doing all the housework, I have decided not to skip my training. I do it every other day. Not to exhaust myself. And meditation every day for 20 minutes. She continued: How difficult the situation must be, we must all have full faith in our government and in our medical institutions. Just follow the rules. Don't go out, stay home. That is the only way we can protect ourselves. . This too shall pass. We are all in this together. # Together we will fight against this #estayhome #stayfit #meditate.