#Lifeinthelockdown: Romah, who has never cooked before in her life, picks up some cooking skills

Actress Romah was ready to return to Malayalam through the movie Velleppam . The Covid-19 induced lockdown might have delayed her film, but Romah is not letting the time get wasted. Guess where she spends a lot of her time now? In the kitchen!

Romah says, “I think it’s a great time to learn something new. I have never cooked anything in my life, except for probably instant noodles (laughs). I am using this time to learn cooking from the best chef in the world, my dearest mom! ” Interestingly, every day her mom gives her a few tips and tricks in cooking and Romah is now picking up the basics.

What does she cook? Mainly, the Sindhi preparations that I must know as Sindhi, like Wadi Aloo, which is one of my favorites, Moong Dal, etc. We are pure vegetarians at home and don't even use eggs. There is a perception that vegetarian food is boring, but the mother cooks delicious and spicy vegetarian food. There are also many different varieties of dishes and different ways of preparing them. I hope to pick up some Sindhi preparations first and then graduate to South India and China too, soon, ”she says, signing.