Laughing with tears in eyes, microbes emojis and most popular face masks in coronavirus tweets

Humor seems to be helping people deal with it. coronavirus pandemic. At least on Twitter. Emojipedia, an emoji reference website which documents the meaning and common usage of emoji characters, recently collected and analyzed over 200,000 tweets across multiple languages ​​which referenced either coronavirus or COVID-19, in order to determine which emojis are most popular in discussions of this topic. The emojis that topped the chart were - the two laughing emojis, the medical mask, a thinking face, and the microbe emoji.nThe top country flags used were - Italy, China, USA, France and Spain, in that order. The website also noted that the medical mask and the microbe emojis have risen to popularity recently. As per their page view data, both the emojis jumped from under 2000 views in December to around 12000 views in March. (19) (20)