Gujarat HC seeks details on Tabligh Jamaat congregations in Nizamuddin

AHMEDABAD: On Wednesday, you sought details from the state government and the Center about the participants in the religious congregations that took place at the Tablighi Jamaat headquarters in Delhi. The HC also wanted to know if punitive measures are being taken against the person responsible.

Taking into account the news about the congregations in Nizamuddin and the people staying in the Markaz, the Justice Bank and Judge AJ Shastri decided to postpone the April 3 hearing on their PIL suo motu which deals with issues related to the nCov-19 pandemic and the national blockade.

The HC said it listed the matter urgently after taking note of media reports that many of the participants in this congregation, when traveling to different parts of the country, were infected. In addition to that, there are also reports of such people who have traveled to the State of Gujarat.

Asking all state and Center law enforcement officers to be ready for the hearing via videoconference, the HC asked them to submit separate notes to the Bank, reporting on the details of the participants of the congregations that entered the state of Gujarat . or from the state of Gujarat, the steps taken to contain the greatest spread of the Covid-19 virus through them and the corrective/punitive measures that can be taken and/or taken if the meeting participants were from abroad with certain VISA restricted/travel permits etc.

The HC is likely to issue an order on the subject later in the day.