A Mollywood team provides more than 3,000 meals as a Covid-19 community service

The Malayalam film industry has never shied away from service activities at a difficult time, as seen during the Kerala floods. Therefore, it is no wonder that during this lockdown, M-Town celebrities are going one step further to help those who are isolated in battle again. COVID-19 .bad2

People from the industry, led by producer Maha Subair, Anto Joseph, Joju George , Ashiq Usman, Bhadusha and Ichais Productions, have partnered with the Venus Residents Association on Puthiya Road to form, Covid Community kitchen , to provide lunch and dinner packages to Kochi residents seeking service. “We started with the preparation of some 300 plots, we grew to more than 1,500 in one week and it has reached more than 3,000. the Venus Residents Association He has been incredibly supportive in preparing the meals, says Bhadusha. Lunch pitches comprise a rise and a couple of curries, while dinner includes chapatti and egg or chicken. Other celebrities, including Mayor Soumini Jain and filmmakers Major Ravi and Sachy, have visited a hand in the kitchen.