Science ministry establishes rapid response center at IIT Bombay to combat COVID-19

NEW DELHI: The Union Ministry of Science and Technology approved on Friday the creation of an exclusive body, the Center to Increase the War on Health Crises (CAWACH), at a total cost of Rs 56 million to explore, evaluate and Support innovations and startups that address the challenges of COVID-19. The body's focus would be to introduce rollout innovations within six months.

The Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), an incubator for technology companies in, has been identified as the implementing agency for CAWACH.

CAWACH's mandate will be to extend timely support to potential startups through necessary financial assistance and the implementation of funds, targeting innovations that can be implemented in the market within the next six months, the science and technology ministry said. it's a statement.

It said: “CAWACH will identify up to 50 innovations and new companies that are in the area of ​​ventilators, respiratory aids, protective equipment, protective gears, novel solutions, low cost, safe and effective, novel solutions for disinfectants, disinfectants, diagnostics, therapies, informatics and any effective intervention to control COVID-19.

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Underlining the importance of this effort, the ministry's science and technology department (DST) secretary said the program focused on harnessing the intelligence and extraordinary innovative potential of incubators and new technology companies and empowering them to quickly tackle the multidimensional theme. COVID-19 challenges.

CAWACH will provide access to Indian networks for testing, testing and market deployment of these products and solutions in the identified areas of COVID-19 priority solutions. This will help address various challenges facing the country due to the strong impact of Covid-19, said the ministry.

Support will be provided to start-ups at different stages for rapid monitoring of the marketing process and travel and expansion across India, which will have a significant long-term impact.

The program is part of the DST effort to support R&dinitiativesbydrivinginnovationsandofferingcomprehensivesolutionsforcovid-19mitigationandcontrol.