Do not visit cemeteries or collect this Shab-e-Barat notice anywhere: Islamic Center of India

LUCKNOW: The led by has asked the Muslim community to stay inside at the next meeting that will take place on April 9 of this year. The Sunni cleric who is the imam of the largest Eidgah in Lucknow has strictly advised people not to visit cemeteries that night, as people often do, and the Jalsa scheduled at Eidgah Lucknow in Shab-e-Barat has also been canceled due to to blocking. .

The eve of Shab-e-Barat that falls on the fourteenth day of the Islamic month of Shabaan is a night of forgiveness in which devotees seek forgiveness from Allah for their sins.

At night, several Muslims visit the graves of their relatives and recite prayers and read the Koran to forgive their sins.

In a nine-point advisory, the cleric has also asked people not to burst firecrackers or to gather anywhere young people do each year.

The night is a very important night for the atonement, and while offering prayers and reading the Quran and reciting duas is extremely fruitful, it should be done at home. At no cost, anyone should visit the cemeteries and go to the confinement. There should be no gathering of people or an explosion of firecrackers, said Farangi Mahali.

The world is fighting the pandemic and we must pray that this health crisis will end soon and that all people are safe and healthy in the world. The slash to be maintained the next day should be opened with this prayer, he added.

The cleric also condemned the Indore and Ghaziabad incident, where medical teams were attacked by people. There should be punitive action against the people involved in both incidents. Doctors, paramedics, police and sanitation workers are risking their lives and locked up to save us all from the covid-19 infection. We should give full cooperation with our health workers like Koran says that saving even one life is equal to saving all humanity, he said.