Railways look to RORO services for faster truck movement with essentials

NEW DELHI: For faster loaded trucks, Central and South Western would begin roll-on roll-off (RORO) services in the coming days.

Sources said that while it takes 14-15 days for a fully loaded truck to arrive by road using the RO-RO service, this distance can be covered in 5-6 days.

RORO is a service in which trucks and cars are mounted on specially designed wagons. The first RORO rail service began on March 17 when 30 fully loaded truckers were transported in flat cars from Garhi Harsuru Station inward.

Rail officials said the RORO service could prove crucial on certain routes, and even more so when delaying loaded trucks on the road for any reason can affect the supply of essential items.

“Our tracks are now free of passenger trains and we have been successfully running freight trains without a problem. Trucks after arriving at the designated stations can quickly carry the cargo to the exact destination. This will save time and the movement will also be risk-free, said an official with the railway ministry.