Akul Balaji's advice for men to dominate their kitchen

Although only occasionally, TV star Akul Balaji is fond of cooking. And thanks to the continued emergency shutdown has been able to spend more time in the kitchen to nurture your hobby. Upma's self-proclaimed expert is testing several new recipes and in the process, treating his wife Jo and son Krish with some specials. One of which was to kill pulao that Ragini Dwivedi had shared online," he shares, adding, "I also made the signature, traditional dal that my mother makes and even made evening tea for my wife and son. It has been fun." For those men who might be venturing into their kitchen s for the first time during the emergency shutdown , Akul shares five essential tips to help them become masters...1. Know your kitchen :

"You need to understand your kitchen and know where everything is located. It can be a daunting task to search for things once you begin cooking. So, familiarise yourself first."

2. Follow recipes :

"We all have someone who is the expert cook at home. This could be our mother, grandmother, in-laws or anyone. Ask them for recipes . If you follow the recipe right, you can't go wrong."

3. Be Prepared: nAlways have all your ingredients ready and available. If you start looking for things halfway while cooking, you could end up messing up the plate ."

4. Use Salt discreetly:

"Salt is the most important ingredient in any plate . Make sure to use it with discretion. Add just a little while cooking, so there is scope to adjust later. In case you have used too much Salt , add freshly chopped tomatoes or boiled potatoes to balance it out."

5. Keep it simple:

"Don't be ambitious with what you choose to make. The simpler your plate , the easier it is for you to excel in making it. Just remember to make it with a lot of love."

And don't forget to order once you're done cooking, sign Akul with wise advice.