Mrunal Thakur tries to jump rope for the first time, his followers advise the correct way to do it

Actress Mrunal Thakur who entertained his fans on television and then on the big screen, is now getting advice from his fans and fans. India is closed for a month and since everyone spends time at home in a unique way, we see that some enjoy food, others exercise routine videos and some learning to dance, draw and many other things. Actress Mrunal Thakur has started trying her hands on skipping rope.

She posted a short video clip on her Instagram where she is seen skipping the rope and later she says, "Never did skipping before correct me if i am wrong, it is Day one." Since it's her first day of trying it, the actress will ace it, as she gets into the routine. But what's new is that instead of asking for an advice from any of trainer or expert she chooses to ask her followers and friends to tell her the correct way to do it.


She even shared few of the comments and advises she got via messages as in how to keep her arm and wrist in a perfect position while skipping . The actress is taking note of it and she will get better as the days pass by.