FWICE goes door to door distributing rations

The federation of employees of Western India Cine He had pledged to distribute rations to daily salaried workers through the arts and crafts affiliated with the corps on March 22. However, the Board's curfew and the eventual 21-day national event emergency shutdown forced them to realign their plans. Originally, the idea was to call workers in small batches to the Filmistan Studios through seven days and distribute the material.

However the FWICE He decided to start going door to door to distribute the ration to 4,000 salaried workers. The packages contain five kilos each of rice and wheat flour, two kilos of daal, garam masala and two kilos of sugar. Association volunteers, with the help of individual associations representing makeup artists, dancers, and minor artists, identified areas of the city and visited technicians and home workers to deliver their packages.

“We were very careful when practicing social distancing. Our volunteers had all the protective equipment, including masks and disinfectants. Workers who live closer to the association's offices came in batches of two or three to collect their packages. We were clear that we will not break any rules and we will still have contact with our workers. We had 4,000 packages ready last week, but we were unable to perform as planned. We will see how we can help more people, since many producers have come to help us with the necessary help. ”