Coronavirus: N SA will be slapped against people who attack the policemen who impose the confinement in UP

LUCKNOW: The strict (NSA) will apply to people who attack law enforcement officers to prevent the spread, the government said on Friday.

The state government's move to invoke the NSA comes in the light of reports of several incidents of attack on police officers who enforce the blockade.

The police are doing their duty by preventing people from leaving during the confinement. There have been incidents in the state where police officers were attacked by people. To deter those people, it has been decided to invoke the NSA against those people, a senior official said. Department of origin official told PTI.

The movement aims to dissuade those who are taking imprisonment lightly and even attacking police officers when they are prevented, he said.

In one of those incidents, a deputy inspector and a police officer were seriously injured when a team of police officers trying to enforce the ongoing blockade was attacked by a group of villagers on April 1.

The police team patrolled the Morna village area in Muzaffar Nagar and had seen residents gathered outside. When villagers were asked to follow the prohibitive orders, they began throwing stones at police personnel, while some of them even started attacking officials with iron roads.

Other such incidents have also been reported in the state where people are not taking the blockade seriously, he said.