B Praak's version of Neha Kakkar ft. Jake's Jinke Liye is a must see

The duo of Jaani & B Praak is one of the much loved packages of the Punjabi music world. With songs like ‘Qismat’, ‘Filhall’, ‘Mastaani’ & the latest ‘ Jinke Liye , This duo has always hit the music charts with absolute pleasure.

Talking further about their latest song ‘ Jinke Liye ’, it has Jaani ’s lyrics & composition, B Praak ’s music & Neha Kakkar ’s vocals. The original song is such a heartwarming melody & Neha Kakkar indeed has tugged at the heartstrings with her voice, but now another version of the track has come out. B Praak himself shared his very own version of Neha Kakkar ft. Jaani ’s ‘ Jinke Liye ’, & it is an absolute delight for the fans.

Check out B Praak’s video here:

B Praak himself will be hitting the music charts with his next single on April 7th. The song has his vocals & Jaani ’s lyrics & composition. Though B Praak has not revealed the title of the song, he did mention that it is not 'Filhall 2'.