Miss England 19 Bhasha Mukherjee back home after Kolkata quarantine

After eight days of quarantine in Kolkata, Miss england 2019 Bhasha Mukherjee He arrived at his home in Derby, UK on April 1. The English-Indian doctor was among the 115 Europeans stranded in the city, who were sent home on a special flight on Tuesday. After a 30-hour trip that included a night halt in Frankfurt airport and changing two trains after arriving at Heathrow, she was greeted by her brother Arya at Derby Midland station. “It feels wonderful to be back. After being in self-isolation for a few days and taking the Covid-19 test, I intend to return to work on the front line with the National Health service ,” Bhasha told us from the UK. The reigning Miss england is a junior doctor at a hospital there.

Bhasha, who was in India for almost a month on a charity trip organized by a UK club, opened an eye hospital in Rurka Kalan, Punjab, before attending multiple events in Delhi. As part of his health campaign, he also visited several schools in the country.

After the announcement of the closure in India, Bhasha was stranded at her residence in Kolkata. It is a shame that I was not able to spend time with my family since I was isolated. I could only spend time with my 92 year old grandmother the day before I left, ”rued Bhasha, who was initially concerned about returning to the UK. I was very scared. Who wouldn't it be? I didn't think I could come back here. I really want to thank British Deputy High Commissioner Nick Low for making all the arrangements to send us home safely. I feel wonderful now, ”Bhasha signed.