Jacqueline Fernández: How did the imprisonment benefit the actress?

In lockdown times, while celebrities are in quarantine mode, it is interesting to see how they are discovering themselves, their relationships, their talents, etc. Jacqueline Fernandez he is also one of the actors for whom this self has been beneficial. Speaking of the same thing, she says: Well, you know, the positive side of the emergency shutdown for me personally is that I finally got the time for myself. By staying home, I can spend time with my cats. Now I am also doing more yoga and meditation. At the same time, I've been watching a lot of web series, catching up on some quality content, and trying new things and hobbies that I can learn. She further adds: I have discovered this whole new part of myself by staying at home, prior to this, I was constantly traveling in and out, filming for various projects, and therefore rarely spent time at home. But now, it is exactly the opposite. At first it was a bit weird, but now it's better.