Remembering his days in Australia, Babbal Rai shares a throwback video

Yesterday, while reviewing the files on social networks, we found a video of a decade of Guru Randhawa , and now the flashback video of Babbal Rai It has caught our attention.

It seems that in the quarantine period, the Punjabi singer and actor feels a bit nostalgic and therefore, on his social networks, he has shared a video of him from the days when he used to live in Australia.

While playing the video, Babbal Rai also recounted her entire experience of being in Australia. In the caption, he mentioned that he wrote this song when he was a student in Australia, and in fact, he dedicated this song to all international students.

This is what its legend says: ““ Niki jihi jind, zimevarian ne bhaari ”jadon Main australia ch student c odo likhya c, so ehh geet saarey main international international nu n har Oss ik nu dedicad kardaan jo apni ZINDGI nu behtar karn layi mehnat kar Riha ae. 2008 Adelaide (Kilburn) di video aa ehh Odon Paisey sade kol thodey hunde c par haunsla bahut c, aukha time c par fun bahut karde c, ghar da har chotta vadda kamm vaari vaari cir karida c, bahut kuch sikhaeya australia ne n student life ney aa yellow plastic da stool $ 10 da lai k aye c second hand furniture store ton. Sorry but I was excited by the legend but I hope you enjoy this raw video made on Nokia 95 :) poora geet tusi youtube te search kar k sun sakdey ho. Thanks to @ mayuri_26 for sending this video reliving many memories. #back #international students

For the uninitiated before rising to fame, Babbal Rai used to do small jobs in Australia. And the artist is really proud of himself to have sustained in such environments, as the struggles only make you stronger to build a life you dream of.